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T4COM is a specialist 3CX sip trunk provider – unlike many of our competitors it is our core business and this means that we have the experience and focus to provide the highest quality of service and support. Our customers range from SME’s to international corporates using several hundred channels apiece.

Interested in using T4COM as your business telephone system?

Phone System Hosting Preferrance

Business class SIP Trunking

– not all services share the same high service quality. Our networking and infrastructure is designed to give the highest quality user experience.

Trusted 3CX provider

– as a 3CX Platinum Partner as well as a Certified 3CX SIP Trunk Provider we are able to bring this combined experience to bear in support of your service.

Fully redundant service

– our infrastructure is mirrored across 2 datacentres providing a fully redundant SIP product for the absolute maximum possible service up-time.

Who you gonna call?

– ours is not a ‘white labelled’ service. We own and operate our own infrastructure and carrier relationships so if you ever have a problem you know who to call!

“Does the SIP Trunk provider run its own network or is it a rebranded service? There are quite a few providers out there reselling SIP Trunks from other providers. Select a provider who has control over their service and network.”
Mark Willard
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Deep-dive support capability

– we record SIP messaging (ie the call setup and control) for all calls on a 3-day loop giving us forensic analysis capability if you ever have problems.

Security and anti-fraud

– sadly, these days ‘keeping the bad guys out’ is a concern for all of us. All our SIP Trunks are fire-walled and we go to great lengths to ensure that your authorization credentials can’t be hacked. Our anti-fraud measures include a call spend cap in case your PBX is ever compromised.

Simple to connect

 – by using the T4Com template which is built-in to 3CX, customers deploy their own 3CX server and be assured of a simple, trouble free set-up fully supported by both 3CX and T4Com – just select T4Com from the drop-down menu in the 3CX Console

Universal application

– T4Com SIP Trunks are suitable for both on-site and hosted 3CX and work with Windows and Linux versions.

Fax over VoIP

– No problem, we support in-band and T.38 fax.

Value for money

– Calls are rated per second so if your call only lasts a few seconds then that is all you pay for. Inbound calls are free.

Why is it important to use a 3CX Supported provider?

– 3CX again: “We strongly recommend using a supported SIP Trunk Service with the 3CX IP PBX System. The 3CX team makes sure that all templates from listed VoIP Providers are updated and tested with every release ensuring no issues arise for our users.”

What’s your number?

– In most cases we can port your existing numbers so you can bring them with you. We can also provide a range of UK and International numbers. Also:

  • Out of area numbers – have a local presence in different parts of the country (or other countries)
  • 03 local rate numbers – use different numbers to support different sales campaigns


Concerns over your internet reliability?

–  If a customer’s inbound call cannot be delivered via SIP then as an option we can automatically send the call to nominated PSTN lines or mobile phone numbers. We have a dedicated NTS portal in operation that allows you to change the fall-back target if required.

Did you know that standard 3CX licences are now free?

What a great introduction to the latest VoIP and UC technology! From onboarding and setup to support and maintenance we give your business the confidence of being in experienced hands.


“Small businesses worried about VoIP installation and management headaches can rest easy with T4Com at the helm.”
App screens of 3cx sip trunk provider

In our view 3CX is the most exciting and technically advanced phone system on the market and T4Com provides the most technically advanced VoIP services. Putting the 2 together creates an unrivalled combination of features, performance and reliability.

3CX guide to SIP Trunking https://www.3cx.com/pbx/sip-trunking/